On November 7th, 2023, Monaco registered within the Biomimicry Institute global network, which encompasses 27 countries. The Centre Scientifique de Monaco lead the launch event, which was hosted at the Yacht Club de Monaco.Biomimicry, also called biomimetics, is a disciple that leverages nature's 3.8 billion years of innovation as a strategy, mechanism, and design principle. The word "biomimicry" comes from "bios," meaning life, and "mimic," meaning to imitate.From Leonardo Da Vinci to LVMH, biomimicry has various uses, ranging from products, services, and systems. The international biomimicry community consists of 1151+ certified practitioners, educators, innovators, scientists, and enthusiasts. In addition, the Ray of Hope prize offered by the institute is currently sponsored by the Bentley Foundation.Biomimicry Monaco supports Gaiärta as a Biomimicry ambassador, endorsing its patented SolarSails (as pictured) and other innovative solutions relevant for the maritime and superyacht industry.At Biomimicry Monaco, our mission is to liason between Monaco bespoke ecosystem and the talented International Biomimicry community.

Yacht Club de Monaco